Office of Social Justice

A Paradigm Shift

“Campaign to Save a Generation”

Social justice maintains that all people deserve and should have access to the same rights and resources. The truth is that Black People have endured the worst inhuman treatment in America. Social justice looks for equality in all facets of life. Social justice is not only philosophy, it is practice.


Before social justice can be achieved in any form there must be complementary core beliefs not based on race creed color or national origin but upon a universal commonality that we are humans first. The first step in eradicating social injustice is to admit that a social justice wrong has been committed.


Our office proposes to be one of the innovators of this revolution of change. We believe that our steps to change are practical and engaging. We believe that all behaviors are learned, therefore they can be unlearned. The training we provide will address profiling, stereotyping, and generational racism. But first the story about how we got here has to be told. This is not a history lesson, it is healing. We support facts and not fears.


Some of our strategies include:

•    Social Media Marketing Campaigns

•    Virtual Town Hall Meetings

•    Virtual Training for Transformational Thinking Workshops

•    Virtual Training for Service Providers

•    Virtual Training for Specific Racial Groups


We will also fund grassroot organizations, churches and civic groups with $20,000 to $50,000 with train the trainer grants to support our goal of social equality for all. These are not diversity, inclusion nor tolerance training. These training are education awareness in nature and will immediately transform your mind to understand how we got to where we are in this social unjust world and catapult us into a transform mindset about humanity. The second portion of our training strategy is to train people how to avoid situations with police officers that could possibly end their life.


We are seeking corporations to initially fund this undertaking with $1 million dollars of seed funding so that we can launch training beginning September 2020. We look forward to your support.




Dr. Willie Myles, CEO and President

Dr. Willie Myles Children’s Foundation